Fast, fun auctions where the price drops and you save!

Turbo Clock Lots

How does this work?

Watch the short 1 minute explainer to learn about this new type of auction.


Why is M@C Discount now offering Turbo Clock Auctions?

On occasion we get large quantities of the same item in "like new" condition. We feel this auction method will allow us to effectively distribute these products to both individuals and re-sellers, while bringing a fun "live auction" element to the site.

What is "All or Nothing"?

When you choose this option, your bid will win if, and only if, there's enough quantity quantity remaining to completely fill your order when your price is reached. If you place a bid for 5 items but only 4 remain at your price, then your order will NOT be filled.

Can my items be shipped to me?

Yes! You can email turbo@mac.bid to request your items be shipped. You will be charged for the additional shipping cost.

Can I pick up my items?

Yes! After you receive your invoice, you can choose to pick up your items at the appropriate warehouse location within 3 business days.

Can I arrange my own shipping?

Yes! After you receive your invoice, you can edit your shipping options prior to 9AM the following morning. You can send us your labels or the details of your bulk shipping arrangement.

Are there any fees?

Yes, our normal 15% Buyer Premium and $3 per lot fees will be applied to your invoice. Bid accordingly!