The Secret Big Box Retailers Don't Want Deal-Finders to Know


Ever wonder what happens to all the items that customers return to retail stores like Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Lowes, and Home Depot? It’s a secret that big-box retailers don’t want you to know.

Believe it or not, it’s common practice for these retailers to liquidate returned, overstocked, and refurbished inventory by selling them off (in bulk and at wholesale prices).

With the help of resellers who purchase these bulk items and make them available to the public, everyday consumers can receive up to 80% off the retail price on thousands of items, ranging from big-ticket electronics, power tools, home décor, exercise equipment, and sporting goods to everyday household and pantry items.

We know what you’re thinking: Why haven’t I heard about this already?

For years, companies like,, and have been helping big-box stores liquidate their customer returns by the truckloads.

The secret large retailers don’t want deal-finders in particular to know about is M@C Discount.

M@C Discount is a Pittsburgh-based online bidding platform that provides customers with the opportunity to receive this merchandise at cost through daily online auctions.

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So, it’s like eBay and Walmart had a baby in my backyard?


In this case, eBay also had a baby with Amazon, Kohl’s, Lowes, and Home Depot…and they’re all named M@C!

M@C Discount is a local online bidding platform where users from the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas can place bids on the items that pique their interest; and, just like eBay, the highest bidder wins. Online auctions take place daily.

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“Bidders usually love the thrill of a good deal and end up receiving some remarkable items at unbeatable prices.”

What should I expect?

As with any customer-return, many of the pallets that resellers, like M@C Discount, receive include open-box items. For bidders, this presents the same level of risk as purchasing an item from eBay, Craigslist, or even Facebook Marketplace; so, it’s important to have a healthy dose of expectation management.

M@C, and many other resellers, have an inspection process to help bidders manage their expectations. M@C does the following:

  • Assesses for Major Damage: Visually quick-checks for obvious damage and notes items accordingly.
  • Provides Product Classifications: Lists items as “open box,” “like new,” or “damaged.”
  • Invites Bidders to Inspect: Bidders can inspect items at their local M@C warehouse before they bid.

Once I win, how do I get my stuff?

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Pittsburgh-based M@C has a pick-up only structure because it allows them to provide even lower bidding rates to Pittsburghers, as well as avoid costly shipping fees.

The items and discounts they provide exclusively benefit people from Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Online auctions take place daily and bids start at only $1! Once an item is won through the online bidding process, it can be picked up at one of M@C’s local warehouses. Pickup locations include:

  • McKees Rocks, PA: 360 Island Avenue, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
  • Washington, PA: 270 S. College Street, Washington, PA 15301
  • Butler, PA: 131 Hindman Ln., Butler, PA 16001

How do I get started?

Users can check out current auctions online at or through the
free M@C Discount app (for Apple or Android).

Anyone can check out the auctions, but users must register if they want to bid. There is no cost to sign up! But, shhh! This is a secret that big-box retailers don’t want deal-finders to know.

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