Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

We purchase truckloads of returned merchandise from many national retailers including Amazon, Kohls, Lowes and others and place these items in auctions that start at $1.00.

What kinds of merchandise is available?

Virtually anything sold by large retailers, ranging from small items to items selling for thousands of dollars. We categorize some auctions as “Big Box” to represent that the items contained in those auctions are likely to be oversized or very heavy.

What happens to this merchandise before it is put in an auction?

Every item, except those which appear to be in original, untampered condition is opened and examined to determine which of three categories its condition falls under. We designate those conditions as Like New, Open Box and Damaged.

What do the condition labels mean?

Like New we feel that that item represents a condition substantially equal to a new item. Upon your inspection when picking it up, if the item does not meet the "like new" criteria, it is returnable for full credit before you leave the premises.

Open Box the item has been opened and we cannot guarantee that is complete or in working condition.

Damaged we found one or more defects in the item and note our findings briefly in the auction description.

Please inspect prior to bidding. Regardless of how diligent we try to be, we strongly encourage you personally inspect the item to make your own determination as to condition, description and fitness for your intended use.

How do I inspect an item in an auction?

Items labeled Open Box or Damaged may be inspected at any of the times shown for inspection in the auction listing. Again, we strongly encourage inspecting any item you intend to bid on prior to bidding.

If an item is labeled Like New and in its original packaging, inspection is not allowed until you purchase the item. You may fully inspect it at pick up and may request a refund at that time if there's a problem with it.

When bidding the bidder acknowledges responsibility to accept the item according to the return policy. Please inspect before bidding.

If I can't inspect an item what is the next best thing I can do?

Every listing should have at least two pictures in it. One is the manufacturer's photo that they use for marketing that item. The second is one we take to show the condition of the item or its packaging. Additionally, we do our best to list either the UPC code, which is unique to that item or, in the case of Amazon items, Amazon's unique identifying code for their items. We list these codes to help you fully understand what item is up for bid.

It is important to note that Amazon and other retailers will have the same code representing multiple sizes, colors and/or quantities of the same item, another reason to inspect before bidding.

How do your auctions work?

We post thousands of new auction items daily. Each item has a posted closing time of 6:00 PM EST or later.

You must create an account and add a payment method (credit or debit card) that will be charged for your successful auctions. If for some reason you need to change the card you have used for bidding you have until 9:00 AM EST the morning after the auction closed to change it to avoid any problems with the transaction being successful.

Every item in an auction has its own count down clock to advise you of the time left before the close of that auction.

Should a higher bid come in when there is less than 2 minutes to closing the clock is reset to 2 minutes and will continue to do so if there is active bidding.

How do I pick up item(s) that I've won?

You have three business days after the close of an auction to come claim your item(s) at the warehouse location it is located.

Any items remaining after that date will be considered abandoned by you and no refunds will be issued.

We have thousands of items and thousands of registered bidders and cannot make any exception to this policy.

What if I cannot pick up an item?

If the item has been won at a location where it is inconvenient to pick it up in the alotted 3-day time period, there are three options open to you:

  • You may request a transfer to a more convenient location for which there is a nominal charge.
  • You may pay to "hold" the item at its current location until the next Friday, to allow you time to get it yourself.
  • Finally, smaller item(s) may be eligible to be delivered to your home by one of our third-party delivery partners at a cost to be determined based upon item quantities, sizes, weights, and distance to your delivery location.

What are M@C Bucks?

M@C Bucks are a promotional virtual currency on that you can apply towards won auction lot invoices.

A positive M@C Bucks balance will be automatically applied to the next invoice by default. You may toggle the default behavior by checking/unchecking the option in your account's .

M@C Bucks may only be used by the account holder, and are not transferrable to cash.

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